How much can YOU save with FormAssembly?

About This Calculator

FormAssembly helps customers save time, resources, and money in many ways. In this survey, we’ll ask questions about your data collection costs prior to using FormAssembly to help you get a better idea of how much you can potentially save each year with our all-in-one data collection platform.

To calculate your savings potential, answer the following questions and provide your best estimates. We will take several factors into account to make your yearly savings estimate as accurate and robust as possible. 

Please note that your results will be approximate. Actual savings may vary according to your company’s unique characteristics and other unquantifiable benefits.

Part 1: Your data collection costs before FormAssembly

In Part 1, please provide your best estimates and averages of what your organization's data collection labor, software, and other costs look like without FormAssembly.
Labor Costs

2. On average, how many hours does each employee spend on each of the following tasks each week?

e.g. Salesforce

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Software & IT Costs

per month

Security & Compliance Costs


per year
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Part 2: Your FormAssembly Investment

Your yearly FormAssembly investment is dependent upon the plan you choose. This number will be an estimate based on customer averages and your own personal data.

If you are a customer, select the plan you are currently on. If you are not currently a FormAssembly user, select the plan that aligns most closely with your organization's characteristics.

*Enterprise, Compliance, and Government Cloud yearly costs are based on our Tier 2 pricing, which includes up to 6 creator licenses and up to 20 participant licenses. Your organization's plan cost may be lower or higher depending on how many licenses you need.
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Part 3: Contact Details

FormAssembly does not sell or share personal information with third party organizations.
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